Keeping Data Backups

In today’s world most of our important information is kept on our computer systems, how big of a disaster would it be for you to lose your data?  This applies to all your business data and your personal data, businesses understand what such a loss would mean to their business but what about home users and home based businesses?  There is a good chance if your operating system crashes, your data can be recovered but when your hard drive fails all of your data may be lost.  For a business this can be devastating, loss of data could mean loss of business, loss of records,  loss of production and much more.  For the home user, loss of data means all your personal data, pictures and much more.  A good backup strategies is simple and important.

A Good Backup Plan is Critical – A good backup plan does not need to be complicated or expensive but does require a scheduled plan that needs to be followed to ensure your data is protected from loss.  Once your plan is in place it must be followed and kept current to ensure you will always have your critical data for recovery.  The loss of your data may be as simple as an employee deleting a file to theft, fire or a system crash, how important is it to be able to restore your data? 

Finding the Right Backup Method – There are a number of methods for backing up your data.  You must consider the amount of data you need to store and the importance of remote storage over local storage.  Local storage is a good choice as long as you never have a fire or other disaster but remote storage is the best choice for a business.  Let’s look at the options.

CD / DVD Storage – This method is a simple and inexpensive choice as long as you follow through and make the backups. The draw backs are you are limited to the amount of data that can be store on them and the storage of all the disk. 

External Drives – These are a much better choice then CD/DVD storage.  External Drives are becoming much more cost effective, with storage sizes well into the TB and above.  These devices can be taken of site to guard against disaster but is a practice that must be followed.  For the most part these drives are a good choice for home users.

Backup Storage Services – These services are the best for any business and very affordable insurance for your company and your data.  With fees based on the amount of storage space you need, these services can be tailored to your current needs and expanded as you grow.  With the automatic scheduling and software these services are best.  Once set up by your service provider, these services backup files anytime a change is made or new files are created.  Your data is encrypted and stored on very secure servers and can be accessed by you from any computer at any time.  You must have a good broadband internet connection to use these services and it is the idea method since you do not need to do anything once it is set up, it’s all automatic.


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