Business Computer Problems Cost You Plenty

In today’s business model computers and networks are critical for business success, problems can occur and when problems do occur bottom lines are affected.  Security issues, data loss, virus and spyware attacks and computer problems can all cause your business loss of profit.  Guarding against such problems keeps your business operating successfully.

Disaster Can Come From Data Loss – Customer data, sales records, inventory and financial records, no business can afford data losses.  Loss from a fire, flood or system failure can be devastating for your business.  Trying to rebuild your businesses lost data is a difficult task without a proper backup in place and could possibly destroy your business overnight. A robust data backup plan to automatically backup and store your business data is the only way to protect your business from such disasters.  Let Sivertsen Technology simplify your business data backup system and prevent such a disaster and make recovery from data loss a minor annoyance.

Downtime Can Cost You Plenty – Can you conduct your business if your system goes down? Today most businesses rely on their computer systems, networks and peripherals running at all times.  From point-of-sale system, inventory management systems, appointment scheduling, contact manager and email, businesses rely on all these systems to be working in order to do their business every day.  Many businesses today can not conduct business as usual until any down component is restored to working condition.  Let Sivertsen Technology simplify your business systems needs with managed solutions, quick, efficient and reliable service.

Lost Productivity Effects Your Bottom Line – Computer systems can be a major source for lost productivity, out-dated hardware can cause slowdowns. Employee misuse of resources can also be a major factor in loss of productivity, social media, personal emails and general misuse of internet resources all can contribute to loss of productivity.  Let Sivertsen Technology simplify your need for hardware updates and track and limit non-business use of your systems and resources.  With our managed solution, we can assist you in keeping your business productivity at the most efficient level.

Lack of Computer Security Effects Your Bottom Line – Could your business survive loss theft of your data? What if the loss included customer information, credit card data or any other information? Lack of good computer security measures can allow customer and business data to be stolen or otherwise compromised from inside or outside theft.  Let Sivertsen Technology simplify design and maintenance of your data security system and help protect you from data thefts.


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