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It is important to consider quality when making an informed decision on you next technology purchase. For not much more money you can purchase a quality system over a bargain system.  Keep in mind there is a reason some systems are a bargain, purchasing technology on price alone is not the answer. Here are some guidelines you should consider before you make your next purchase.

Windows Desktop System – Keep in mind what you will be doing with you system.  Entry level systems should have a minimum of 1 GB Ram and at least a 250 GB hard drive, you should have a least a dual core processor, 256 MB video card memory, 2.0 USB,  a DVD RW.  Business systems or high quality home systems should have a minimum of 2 GB Ram and at the very least 500 GB hard drive, you should be looking at an I3, I5 or I7 processor, at least 512 MB video card memory (and Dual monitor ports), 2.0 USB and firewire ports, DVD RW drive, 1 GB network  port and a 64 Bit operating system. 

Mac Desktop System – A good Mac Pro will base with a quad core processor, 3 GB Ram, 650 GB hard drive, 18x Superdrive and 512 MB video card. 

Laptop Systems – Keep in mind quality when you are going to purchase a laptop, notebook, netbook or Macbook.  These systems are powerful and portable but subject to a shorter life span then a desktop due to size and heat buildup.  Keep in mind name brand and good technical support on these system.  It is very important to keep in mind the reason some systems are a bargain and why you should avoid these systems.  One other important thing to keep in mind once you own a laptop is insurance, make sure your insurance covers lose and damage.  A good rule of thumb on a portable computer is to have a minimum of 2 GB Ram, 250 GB hard drive, a good backlit display and an extended warranty.

Other Consideration – Power Protection, many system issue result in power surges or power failure.  Surge Protection is vital but the best protection is a good UPS (uninterruptible power supply). 


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