Security – Important Consideration:

Are the doors to your business locked when you are closed?  All the doors? Including the doors to your computer network?  Theft today is not limited to physical break-ins to your property, higher rates of theft are to unprotected networks.   Is your company’s identity, data and customer data protected from theft?  We all read news about companies that have been compromised by improper network security.  Is your company next?  Please consider some of these risks and evaluate your company’s security.

Password Security – How strong is your password security?  How often are your password changed? How many password are on post it notes on employees monitors? How many people share password? Who has administration rights to your system? Are your business passwords the same as your online passwords?  Strong password security is vital to your systems security, you need an expert to design strong and secure password system to ensure your system is protected.  Don’t leave your door unlocked.

Data Security – The theft or destruction of your business data could destroy your company.  What would happen to your business if your financial data is compromised?  What if your employees personal information such as social security numbers are stolen? Business and personal identity theft can destroy you company.  What if your competitor had your client list or current leads?  What about your customer data?  Could your company survive a lawsuit if your customers data is compromised?  Would your customer be your customer if their data is compromised?

Disaster – Is your business protected from fire, lighting, theft and other disasters? Sure you say we have insurance for that and yes your insurance will replace you hardware but what about your data?  Does your company have a plan?  Does your company have a good backup system?  Does your company have this backup off site?  Data security must include secure backups stored off site to protect you from a disaster.

Outside Threats – Today’s business systems are connected to the outside world, is your business protected from access by outside invaders?  Hackers and other invaders steal your data for their gain.  Are you protected?  When an employee leaves your company, is their access to your system terminated? Your company needs powerful tools and firewalls, properly configured to protect you from these invaders.

Inside Threats – Many businesses are faced with a higher employee turnover these days.  Is it possible for an employee leaving to work for your competitor or starting their own company to leave with your company’s vital data?  If you discharge an employee, what information will they take with them?  How safe are your trade secrets?  How safe is your data?  Is your company protected from your data being copied on a usb memory stick?


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