Virus Protection

Today we all know the risk of a virus attacks are there every day, it is important to safe guard your systems and your customers system from these attacks.  An infected computer may become slow, affecting productivity or even unusable until cleaned.  Virus attacks can easily effect your bottom line. These days virus attacks can come from my sources, emails, software downloads, infected web sites and many others, protection from these attacks  is critical.

Anti-Virus Software – A good anti-virus software is the first line of defense, choose the best anti-virus software and keep it up to date at all times.  Avoid free anti-virus software, the cost of a good, reliable anti-virus software program is the best solution.

Firewall – For maximum protection, we advise installing a firewall program that can effectively detect and block the invasion of virus attacks.  It is important firewalls are properly installed and configured to ensure maximum protection.

Things to Avoid – Avoid opening suspicion emails or attachment, do not download software from an unknown or unreliable source, avoid any additional software downloads that are attached to the program you need to download.


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